Perhaps you and your closest friends have been dreaming about taking a trip together. Or, maybe, your best friend is getting married, you’re celebrating an anniversary, or your spouse is turning 50 and you want to do something memorable for such a special occasion. You all love traveling and learning about new cultures, but having to organize activities, book hotels, and research where to go and how to move around seems a bit daunting.

In the past, we have worked with chefs who wanted to dig deeper—not just scratch the surface— into the food of Oaxaca. They wanted to learn about the varieties of chiles and how they could integrate them into their own cooking, so we created a trip with more market visits and cooking time; more moles and salsas, less arts and crafts. Others have wanted a full view of a city, with a little bit of everything (including food, of course), but wanted to add a few extra days at the Oaxacan beaches. Perhaps you are interested in visiting high-end restaurants only, to see how contemporary chefs are using old ingredients and techniques, or you may want to take in all the museums Mexico City has to offer. Maybe, to visit both Oaxaca and Mexico City,with a little detour to Puebla somewhere in the middle. You may also want to experience street-food culture—tacos, tortas, tlayudas, tamales—to the fullest.

Well, that’s where we—and our customized tours—come in. We will work closely with you and your group to provide you with an experience to match your needs, preferences, and desires.

Oaxaca and Mexico City are so far the two cities we have created our immersion—with a focus on food—tours, but we are also open to crafting customized visits to other cities, like Puebla, Guadalajara, Mérida, Morelia, or San Cristóbal de las Casas, or a combination of them, to name just a few options.

Basically, the possibilities for a customized trip are endless. And whatever it is that you are looking for, we will work with you to make it happen. 


For more information and to create your own experience, please contact us here. 


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