September 20-26, 2019 (sold out)

January 22-28, 2020

March 24-30, 2020

September 23-29, 2020

In this 7 day, 6 night immersion trip, we will venture to the heart of Oaxacan culture in a way only locals know how to. We will dine at both high-end restaurants and off-the-beaten path street stands to experience the regional specialties, while we contrast them with the more modern Chef reinterpretations.

We will also visit some of the smaller towns outside of the city for an up-close look at traditions untainted by modernity, the traces of Spanish colonialism, or the remains of the Zapotec empire leftover at the ruins of Monte Albán. And since we want to make sure you experience the food of the city and the ingredients as close as possible, we will be visiting several markets, tasting as we go, while we get to know the spices, chiles, and everything you would want to know.

On a different day, we will be choosing ingredients as a group for a cooking lesson led by Chef Iliana de la Vega. During this session, which will take place in a beautiful local kitchen, we will explore the ingredients, understand how to use them, and partake in a cheese and tortilla demonstration led by local women whose families have been carrying these traditions for generations.


The tour price, $2,700 per person, includes all meals taken with group (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even ingredients that we will buy for the cooking session), transportation in a large and comfortable Mercedes van, mezcal class and tasting, cooking session led by Chef Iliana de la Vega, all activities and entrances to museums, and 7 days, 6 nights at a boutique hotel in downtown Oaxaca. The price does not include alcoholic beverages (apart from those included in tastings) or airfare. The tour begins in Oaxaca, so each person must fly there on their own, but we are more than happy to provide help with booking flights. We will arrange for people to be picked up and dropped off at the airport.

Since we want to ensure that each guest is well taken care of, and because our tours are designed for slow, intimate, and careful enjoyment, we are only able to take a maximum of 14 people per tour with us. We believe a smaller group allows for a more personalized experience, as much with the other guests and tour guides as with the city, the culture, and the food itself.


Following is a tentative itinerary, to give you a better idea of what the trip looks like, but keep in mind that some things might change and others might move around: 

Day 1: Introduction

  • Arrival at airport. Transportation will be provided to pick guests up from airport.

  • Arrival at hotel.

  • Dinner at a high-end restaurant for an introduction to Oaxacan cuisine at its finest.

Day 2: Downtown

  • Breakfast at traditional market stand

  • Santo Domingo church/Museum and Botanical Garden guided visits

  • Explained market visit: cheeses, aguas frescas, ingredients.

  • Chocolate making and tasting

  • Lunch of traditional Oaxacan meats

  • Free Afternoon (Suggestions on what to do and where to go available)

  • Dinner at high-end restaurant that uses classic ingredients in innovative ways.

DAY 3: shopping and cooking

A day as a local with cooking session and a traditional breakfast that demonstrates the use of corn in Mexican food.

  • Breakfast of a variety of corn-based staples.

  • Shopping at market for cooking demo

  • Tortilla and cheese demo

  • Cooking session led by Chef Iliana de la Vega

  • Tlayudas dinner

day 4: outer oaxaca

This day we'll be visiting some of the surrounding towns for an immersion into the deep culture of Oaxaca and the untouched traditions of the smaller villages.

  • El Tule

  • Open-air market

  • Visit Mezcal Palenque

  • Traditional Zapotec lunch

  • Return to Oaxaca

  • Tamales dinner from our favorite street stand

Day 5: artistic traditions

This day we'll focus on local arts and crafts by visiting the specific towns where they are created.

  • Traditional Oaxacan breakfast

  • Visit to Convent

  • Ceramics: black and green clay.

  • Lunch at traditional restaurant in Zaachila

  • Visit an alebrijes studio

  • Meeting at 8:30 pm for Mezcal tasting and class

  • Dinner at Tacos stand

Day 6: zapotec remains

  • Breakfast at traditional Oaxacan restaurant.

  • Monte Alban, Archaeological site, guided visit

  • Traditional Isthmus of Tehuantepec lunch

  • Afternoon of margaritas

  • Farewell tasting dinner at high-end restaurant that highlights ingredients and seasonality.

Day 7: Farewell

  • Breakfast at hotel before departure

  • Transportation to airport will be provided.

We hope you will join us to our beautiful hometown and allow us to show you the delicious culinary wonders of Oaxaca.